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Just Cars
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Don't let a New Jersey auto dealer get between you and an all-electric Tesla - Just Cars
You need three people -- not a hybrid or electric car -- to get this toll discount - Just Cars
What the media always forget to tell you about hybrid and electric cars - Just Cars
10-plus years, 4 Priuses and a love-hate relationship with two Toyota dealers - Just Cars
Nissan provides free lunch, but remains mum on next-generation Leaf - Just Cars
At summit of automobile writers, hybrid and all-electric cars were scarce - Just Cars
Saving green at the tollbooth is a big plus for drivers of hybrid and electric cars - Just Cars
Let me tell you which cars 'suck' -- and none of them is 'green' - Just Cars
After a decade of driving Priuses, I'm ready for an affordable all-electric car - Just Cars
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Why did Times writer compare BMW's hybrid sports car to the roomy Tesla? - Just Cars
BMW i3: Silent, one-pedal operation with a security blanket hidden in the trunk - Just Cars
A complete absence of 'range anxiety' during four days with the Tesla Model S - Just Cars
Did Tesla's Elon Musk pull strings to get The Times to fold Automobiles section? - Just Cars
BMW executive wears pants to discuss ergonomically challenging i8 sports car - Just Cars
Auto Express: Tesla readies a smaller, more affordable all-electric car for 2017 - Just Cars
Everyone now: What would an 'affordable' all-electric car look like and cost? - Just Cars
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Tesla Model S owners are taking a break at new juice bar on Route 17 in Paramus - Just Cars
LOL: Auto blogger gives advice to genius behind Tesla Motors, SolarCity, SpaceX - Just Cars
Cadillac buys lunch, but offers auto writers no details on an all-electric Tesla fighter - Just Cars
If you think a Tesla is 'expensive,' check out bloated MSRPs of luxury competitors - Just Cars
What is built like a Tesla Model S and looks like an updated Honda Element? - Just Cars
Besides Tesla owners, who else would definitely buy their current car again? - Just Cars
Toll discounts for green cars and carpools are a little less attractive starting Sunday - Just Cars
Surely, this will drive the critics crazy: Owners call Tesla Model S most satisfying - Just Cars
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Can I possibly wait two years for an affordable EV and would I drive a Chevy? - Just Cars
Do auto writers really think EV buyers would choose a Bolt over Tesla's Model 3? - Just Cars
How can Chevrolet sell an electric car with a 200-mile range for less than the Volt? - Just Cars
Hybrid owners know low gasoline prices are already hurting the environment - Just Cars
Taxis in Holland, incentives in China, future models and other green-car trivia - Just Cars
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You won't have to deal with any fast-talking car salesmen in a Tesla showroom - Just Cars
Now for some real EV news: I've put down a $2,500 deposit on a Tesla Model S 60 - Just Cars
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Many green-car buyers will find federal tax credit of $7,500 not such a big lure - Just Cars
Free lunch for auto writers comes with hard sell on so-called clean diesel engines - Just Cars
Consumer Reports Auto Issue: Prius is best Green Car, Tesla Model S Best Overall - Just Cars
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Imagine how much quieter our cities and highways will be when EVs rule the road - Just Cars
With pure EVs widely available, buying a new car has become a political statement - Just Cars
You may have spent a lot to bring home Tesla's Model S, but then you save a lot - Just Cars
This soon-to-be Tesla owner wouldn't be caught dead in a luxury car from Germany - Just Cars
Random images from inside and around the New York International Auto Show - Just Cars
World's automakers unveil their latest ideas for hastening climate change - Just Cars
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From the ridiculous to the sublime: Did same ad agency do TV spots for Infiniti? - Just Cars
Tesla Model S sparkles in suburban driving on the way to shopping, eating out - Just Cars
GM didn't build a competitor to Tesla's luxury car, but uses media to fool public - Just Cars
Dilemma facing world's big automakers: How to make old technology seem fresh - Just Cars
Model S has no CD player, no wheel locks and hidden cruise-control stalk from hell - Just Cars
AP says Tesla's Elon Musk is embarking on another one of his 'far-out projects' - Just Cars
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Enjoying a big gulp of free juice at the largest Tesla dealership in North America - Just Cars
The second revolution from Tesla: Putting the adventure back into vacation car travel - Just Cars
Just when you thought TV ads couldn't get any more bizarre: The Chevro-Benz SUV - Just Cars
Further EV adventures: The charge port on my Tesla Model S gives up the ghost - Just Cars
Cordless EV charging sounds sexy, but its slow pace is likely to put you fast alseep - Just Cars
Tesla easily swallows long distances, but not BMW i3, Leaf and other small EVs - Just Cars
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For first time ever, Tesla Motors is offering a $1,000 discount on a new Model S - Just Cars
Porsche names a new car after a pancake, suggesting it hopes to flatten competition - Just Cars
How smart is such a small car on roads dominated by huge, gas-guzzling SUVs? - Just Cars
Just how much does it cost to charge a Tesla Model S or other all-electric car? - Just Cars
On vacation in the Model S: A 'faster' Tesla Supercharger shortens our return trip - Just Cars
Here is a beautiful spot in green Vermont where you can recharge your batteries, too - Just Cars
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Top-rated, relatively rare Tesla Model S attracts smiles, thumbs ups -- and envy - Just Cars
Drivers lining up for gas in New Jersey block access to free Tesla Superchargers - Just Cars
Remember the cash for clunkers law? Maybe it's time to crush the gas guzzlers - Just Cars
Another first from Elon Musk: Tesla Service Centers won't try to rip you off - Just Cars
Tesla's Elon Musk is trying the 'hard sell'; north of Philly, black hole for EV charging - Just Cars
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Satirist Bill Maher: Ads show Volkswagen is 'the first name in clouds of poison gas' - Just Cars
Audi TV ad lampoons Toyota Prius, urges A3 e-tron owners to speed, 'take names' - Just Cars
Volkswagen, Audi diesel-engine scandal grows to about 11 million cars worldwide - Just Cars
EPA: Volkswagen and Audi 'clean diesels' are an even bigger scam than we thought - Just Cars
Times says if you want a fast, luxurious EV, just wait 5 years for Audi or Porsche - Just Cars
2016 Volt and Leaf expose how far auto giants have to go to compete with Tesla - Just Cars
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Nissan, GM and other big automakers can't keep up with revolutionary Tesla - Just Cars
Detroit exec Bob Lutz (rhymes with putz) claims all-electric Tesla is doomed to fail - Just Cars
Warning to Tesla owners: Don't follow N.Y. Times guide to autonomous driving - Just Cars
Consumer Reports editors discount Tesla's potential for slowing climate change - Just Cars
Now with a video: Tesla's Autopilot and Autosteer make highway driving a dream - Just Cars
In the Catskills, you could hear the death rattle of those infernal gas, diesel engines - Just Cars
Selling solar credits to public utility covers my home electric bill and Tesla charging - Just Cars
Did Toyota ruin one of the most distinctive designs since the Volkswagen Beetle? - Just Cars
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Consumer Reports calls Land Rover Discovery Sport one of year's worst - Just Cars
A heavenly marriage: Solar shining on the roof, Tesla Model S charging in the garage - Just Cars
Jaguar Land Rover lays out big lunch, promises green cars in less than 5 years - Just Cars
Chevy Volt sales flop, VW diesel owners get crumbs, Mercedes controls from hell - Just Cars
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When you drive a Tesla, just about everything else on road is a piece of crap - Just Cars
EVs and other green cars getting a smaller toll discount at Hudson River crossings - Just Cars
Cutting through the hype: Chevrolet Bolt EV price balloons to 'under$40,000' - Just Cars
01/ 4 pages
Has tide turned on the media's negative coverage of EVs and other green cars? - Just Cars
Warming my tootsies by the fire as my Model S gulps electricity for trip home - Just Cars
Even with limited range, EVs are perfect for lifestyle of a group the media ignore - Just Cars
Chevy pulls out phallic symbol in hopes 2016 Volt doesn't flop like earlier model - Just Cars
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Enormous, gas-guzzling Range Rover is an elegant way to say F.U. to the environment - Just Cars
I 'summon' my Tesla out of home garage; Model S outsells big German luxury cars - Just Cars
Toyota turns back on Prius as hybrid mileage champ, emphasizes performance - Just Cars
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Update: More than 115,000 Model 3 orders placed in last 24 hours, Tesla says - Just Cars
Show how much you really love your car with a luxury service that comes to you - Just Cars
New York Auto Show: We'll be choking on most of these cars for many years to come - Just Cars
With new 164-mph SUV, Maserati is latest to say 'vaffanculo' to climate regulators - Just Cars
First drive of Toyota Mirai: Too noisy for an electric car, screams Prius and Camry - Just Cars
In wake of VW diesel scandal, engine makers are trying to pull another fast one - Just Cars
Consumer Reports' 2016 Annual Auto Issue is running hot and cold on Tesla - Just Cars
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My savings with a 2015 Tesla Model S now top $11,000 in state and federal taxes - Just Cars
Environment isn't getting much of a break in a city where the good times still roll - Just Cars
SNL unveils 'Double AA Class' Mercedes, lampooning lame efforts to catch Tesla - Just Cars
Tesla freshens front of Model S hatchback so it looks more like Model X and Model 3 - Just Cars
Update: Media totally ignored what CEO says Model 3 will mean for environment - Just Cars
05/ 3 pages
Driving a bland second-gen Chevy Volt, cramped Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe - Just Cars
Tesla appeals to the next EV generation with battery powered Model S for Kids - Just Cars
Revisions to the Tesla Model S include full LED headlamps, medical-grade air filter - Just Cars
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Using Supercharger in scenic Vermont, Montreal is hop, skip and jump from N.J. - Just Cars
What's old is new as Tesla Motors brings back the Model S 60 and cuts price, too - Just Cars
EV owners in N.J. would pay $150 more annually, if governor OKs higher gas tax - Just Cars
Will all those Model 3 owners overwhelm Tesla's nationwide Supercharger network? - Just Cars
07/ 2 pages
On an electric road trip to the Jersey shore to sample sea scallops and salt water taffy - Just Cars
Treating your Tesla to TLC in Montreal, then taking a straight shot home to N.J. - Just Cars
08/ 2 pages
With no humans or batteries, self-driving cars will hurt both economy, environment - Just Cars
Automakers who can't compete with Tesla hone the art of blowing smoke at buyers - Just Cars
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Nissan hedging its bets with new Leaf EV, new Armada and other gas-guzzling trucks - Just Cars
Chevrolet Bolt -- GM's first pure EV -- is looking a lot like a $40,000-plus econobox - Just Cars
If you pay to park in a municipal garage and get free charging, is it a good deal? - Just Cars
315-mile range of new Tesla leaves plans of German luxury carmakers in shambles - Just Cars
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As the leaves turned in the Catskills, greenery and green cars were hard to find - Just Cars
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Tesla's new free-charging policy will be many miles ahead of other EV automakers - Just Cars
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Shocking Car News, a blog written by an EV owner, is moving to The Sasson Report - Just Cars
You can't buy 2017 North American Car of the Year outside of California and Oregon - Just Cars
When I'm driving my Tesla, I want everyone to just get the F out of the way - Just Cars
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Consumer Reports isn't giving all-electric cars and climate change a lot of attention - Just Cars
05/ 4 pages
Uber admits underpaying New York City drivers by millions of dollars - Just Cars
How social media filter bubbles and algorithms influence the election - Just Cars
Loyalty to one car insurance company leaves you £1,400 worse off over 10 years - Just Cars
New 4cyl engines bolster the BMW 5 Series and 7 Series ranges - Just Cars
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